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Meet the Doc.

Dr. Robert DiMonda has a passion and love for people. He desires to bring healing in mind, body and spirit to suffering humanity.  Dr Rob has been doing so for the past 38 years.  He is a family man, he and his wife Cindy are blessed  with

6 children, and two grandchildren.  One of his other passions is music, and Dr Rob has played professional saxophone since age 16.  He has done many recordings, and presently, he plays Jazz alto sax weekly, in the televised worship band at his church in Forest Park.   Dr Rob has a servants heart and is always ready to minister and encourage others, as the need arises.  He warmth and sensitivity to others is unmatched, and his gifted hands have brought healing and relief to thousands of patients over the years. 



Dr Robert V DiMonda was born in Brooklyn, New York, and since a child, had always desired to help others.  He would always comfort family and friends alike.  He was the kid on the playing field that would run to the injured player -- with 'band-aids' in his back pockets!   Soon he would come to realize that

he had a healing gift inside, and that this desire would grow and mature into a journey to discover what path to take. His vision for the natural health pathway would be the focus --  only after the outcome of his own personal health crisises.

At age 16, his shoulder and scapula were paralyzed from a swimming pool injury.  Orthopedic and neurological doctors failed to give help, and he was

told to consider a dangerous surgery that 'might' help him.   Thanks to Marie his mom, she said no to the surgery.   One Sunday, at the dinner table, eating pasta,  Dr Rob's uncle, Dr Caselli, a chiropractor, examined him.   The next day, x rays of his shoulder and spine revealed "pinched nerves" causing the paralyzed muscles.   Dr Rob was "miraculously" healed from this paralysis, by a chiropractor! This event had strongly impacted his life.  

While attending the University of Buffalo, (taking pre-med classes), Dr Rob had a head-on automobile collision, causing him severe neck pain and

migraine headaches.  Once again, after chiropractic treatments, he was cured!  No more missed classes due to severe head pains.  He then decided

against medicine as a career, (even as many in his family members wanted him to).  He honestly did not believe in drugs or surgery.  After prayer, and

soul searching and being honest with himself, he began pursuing his study of chiropractic health science,  at National College of Chiropractic, Lombard Illinois.   



After graduating professional school, and completing a Residency in Chiropractic Corrective Therapy, Dr DiMonda, in 1978, then began a second Residency in Gonstead and Activator Chiropractic, at So. Elgin Chiropractic Associates.  He was chief clinician and Associate Clinic Director of So. Elgin Chiropractic Associates for six years.  His passion for serving the community in a cooperative effort resulted in the formation of Advanced Family Healthcare Center, in 1984.  This center provided the disciplines of medicine, chiropractic, optometry,  podiatry, dentistry, and physical therapy, all under one roof.  This "first

of its kind", multi-disciplined health care center served the communities of Lisle and Naperville.   


The desire to provide the very best in conservative care and to further research on Chiropractic Health Care Science and Philosophy, gave rise to DiMonda Chiropractic Physicians in 1991. Since that time and currently, Dr. DiMonda, Clinic Director of DiMonda Chiropractic Physicians, has developed the most advanced methods of conservatively treating human health conditions and diseases.  


The Health and Wellness Center specializes in Specific Scientific Chiropractic Adjustment.  The Nervous System -- the master control system -- influences (and Controls) all body functions (inclusive of hormone function).  Spinal Bones "out of place are "mis-aligned, (due to falls and other traumas) result in sickness and disease.  The  research and rch ent and promotion of Conservative Treatments,  Community Health Education and Research, arn follow.   actors that are improving the health of our culture.  

Dr DiMonda believes in educating his patients as to the causes and prevention of sickness and disease.  


     Some of the advanced chiropractic techniques utilized are GONSTEAD METHOD, ACTIVATOR METHOD, and BIO-ENERGETIC SYNCHRONIZATION TECHNIQUE (BEST).  He is certified in Chiropractic Pediatrics, a Fellow in the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, and additionally 

certified in the Webster Technique.  This specialized technique enables a turned baby in utero to be repositioned, thus avoiding birthing

difficulties and possible c-section.

      Dr. Robert V. DiMonda (Dr. Rob) believes that many, if not the majority of health conditions and ailments can be treated conservatively, without drugs and surgery.  He has pioneered treatments and clinical protocols, resulting in great successes.  The following is a list of some of the conditions treated with great success:  Spinal Curvature and Scoliosis, Degenerative and Osteo-Arthritis, and other spinal abnormalities, resulting from Automobile injuries, Industrial Injuries, Sports Injuries, and others.  Along with these conditions, Preventive Medicine, Immune System Weakness and complete Family Care are main focuses.  


     Often, the vertebral disc becomes Herniated after trauma, and Dr. DiMonda has pioneered conservative treatments for this, using advanced chiropractic techniques and rehab Electro-Medicine.  Electro-Medicine with the Electro-Acuscope/Myopulse Modality, has been found to be great for healing of the disc and injured tissues and for pain reduction and control.  For over the past 30 years now, Dr DiMonda and his proven effective methods

of treatment for the herniated disc, have literally "redefined the way Disc Disease and Herniation are treated".   Durning this period of time, in over

1,000's of cases of disc disease and herniation, only two cases were referred out for spine/disc surgery.


     Born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1950, Dr Rob at an early age desired to be a doctor.  He began college at the University of Buffalo in New York, and completed his studies in pre-med, receiving his Bachelor Degrees in biology and clinical psychology.  He was on his way to med school, until a turn of events changed his direction.  At age 17, he was injured in a head-on collision, and developed severe neck pain and migraine headaches.  Specific Scientific Chiropractic Adjustment by his Uncle, Dr Louis Caselli,  were responsible for his complete recovery, after 18 months of failed medical treatments and drugs. This injury and chiropractic success that followed for Dr DiMonda, had greatly impacted his life.  He was  motivated to not pursue medicine but to pursue chiropractic health science.  After graduating University of buffalo, in 1974, he later graduated from the National College of Chiropractic, Lombard, IL, receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1978.  He met his wife Cindy here in Illinois, and they married in 1978, one week after graduation.

     Dr, Rob did post-graduate studies in spine correction at the world famous Gonstead Clinic of Chiropractic.  He also did a Gonstead Internship in South Elgin Chiropractic.  He has post-graduate certifications in Preventive Medicine, studying under Dr. Jeff Bland, PhD, renowned  Bio-Chemist in Preventive Medicine.  He is certified in bio-magnetic micro-current medicine, studying under  Dr. T. Morter.  In 1978, Dr DiMonda became Associate Clinic Director of one of the largest mid-west chiropractic clinics, with Dr. John Kellenberger.   


     Through years of helping and treating patients, Dr. Rob has learned that patients need to be taught about their health, and take responsibility for it.  He teaches that “the power that made the body will heal the body.”  In addition, an individual’s lifestyle, the doctors they see, and the decisions they make all impact health. 

     Dr. Rob teaches that Specific Scientific Chiropractic Adjustment will keep the body healthy and all of its functions at their best.  Chiropractic adjustments will result in postural bio-mechanical improvements, spinal curve correction, and nervous system balance.  The athlete will perform at his best, and there will be general increase in the over-all health of the individual.  Health conditions and diseases – resistant to other therapies - can be eliminated.  He also teaches that the immune system needs to be strong to fight off diseases, and research shows its function increases up to 48%, following regular chiropractic care.  He and his staff see many “miracles” at the office, as patients respond to care. 


     Dr. Rob has a passion to see lives changed for the better, as individuals discover their maximum health potential.  He has a passion to help those with spinal problems, without bracing or dangerous spinal surgery. The conservative spinal corrective process has been Dr. DiMonda's focus, throughout his professional career.  He believes in the health and harmony of body, soul and spirit, together, and combines these, respecting the body.    

     Before opening his current health care center, in 1984, he Founded Advanced Family HealthCare Center providing medicine, chiropractic, podiatry, dentistry, and optometry, all under one roof.  This is his 39th year in private practice and chiropractic research.

     Today DiMonda Chiropractic Physicians provides conservative spine correction, by chiropractic physicians, trained in the latest conservative methodologies, providing the community of Naperville and Du Page County and Chicago-Land with specific spinal correction utilizing the latest in

Specific Scientific Chiropractic Adjustment, Physio-Therapy, utilizing mirco-current Acuscope/Myopulse Modality, and the latest in rehabilitative therapies  in a modern, 4,100 square foot facility.   Dr DiMonda and staff are members of a not-for-profit Society of Wellness Professionals, dedicated to teaching the community about health and prevention, by volunteering free teaching and health lectures throughout the year.  

Dr. Robert V. DiMonda

Dr. Robert V. DiMonda

Dr. DiMonda with his Daughter Dr. Elisa Sena


Dr. Rob & his wife Cindy

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